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Property Maintenance Services

Property maintenance can be an operational problem in your business, and quickly impacts your business reputation.


We are able to assist our clients with unscheduled maintenance services to ensure they have an operational and safe working environment. Here are some of the building maintenance services we can help your business with.

Hardware Tools
DJ Maintenance painting


Whether you’re rebranding or maintaining your business reputation, a clean coat of paint can make the most significant difference to your business. We can help you repaint your space quickly and within your desired timeframe.

DJ Maintenance helps with building maintenance


Things break, but knowing how to fix them quickly is important especially if your business is a customer-facing enterprise. We can handle any repairs your business needs, and we offer unscheduled maintenance solutions.

Door Repair

Door Repair and Lockout Services

We can assist our clients to get back into their premises and back to business if they are locked out.  

Image by Tak-Kei Wong

Fire Extinguishers and Intruder Alarms

Fire extinguishers need regular maintenance and checks, which can be hard to remember if you don’t have a dedicated maintenance team. We help keep your fire extinguishers ready and in service.

Having the right equipment protecting your business can help deter intruders and protect your employees and business assets. Chat with us if you need help installing a fire or intruder alarm.

Men at Work


Making the vision of what you want your space to look like come to life often requires a few tweaks to your existing space. By pairing with our experienced handyman, no vision is too big.

Cut wood


Woodwork is often required to complete a custom job or to repair an item that is no longer in production. Our team can help you meet your design needs, and assist with custom woodwork requirements.

Four Retro Chandeliers

Light Fitting and Installation

Your lighting can completely change your property’s interior and feel. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your lighting or replace broken lights, our team can help.

Image by Curology

Hot & Cold-Water Services

Running water is essential for most businesses, and having a professional you can trust should this go wrong can be the difference between business continuity and disaster. Find out how we can keep your business running smoothly.

Let us help you make your spaces work for you

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